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By Hoffmaster Host on 8/23/2012 8:31 AM

August is upon us and that means it’s time for the dreaded back to school shopping if you have kids in your house! Hundreds of dollars later, your child reminds you that they also need a new lunch box because they lost theirs at the end of school last year. Then your stomach sinks realizing that it’s also time to start searching for cute lunch ideas that your kids will actually eat and not trade with their friends! School Lunch

Trying to find that perfect balance between nutritional yet “cool” lunches for kids can be a challenge. Interactive, build-your-own meal concepts are showing up in kid’s lunch boxes as well as in many kid-friendly restaurants! Getting kids involved in hands-on preparation and including many colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as shapes and sizes, keeps their interest piqued. Simply using a cookie cutter to cut bread out in a fun shape for a sandwich or bite-size cheese cubes with pretzel sticks to spear them keep kids entertained. For more fun lunch ideas, click on the shish kabob image.
By Hoffmaster Host on 8/9/2012 3:22 PM

How often have you catered an outdoor function such as a golf outing, casual wedding or company picnic on a windy day? There is nothing worse than the tablecloths flapping in the wind or your stack of napkins blowing away. Hoffmaster® has a great solution for both!

Kwik-Covers® are custom fit tablecovers that won’t blow off in the wind! Kwik-Covers® are disposable or reusable and make covering tables a snap. No tape, tacks or staples needed. Simply stretch a Kwik-Cover® over your table and the elastic edge and adhesive strips will hold the Kwik-Cover® in place. Kwik-Covers® by Hoffmaster® were designed with a deeper elastic pocket to ensure a custom fit for any style table. The best part is that you can wipe up spills as they occur, keeping the outdoor event looking neat and clean. Fast and easy, Kwik-Covers® can decrease your setup time by 75%!

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