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By Hoffmaster Host on 3/27/2013 12:19 PM
Listen to Mom… she was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The fact is that many of us are eating it way too fast, or skipping it entirely.
A number of studies show that people who successfully maintain a significant weight loss eat breakfast just about every day.
What you choose to eat for breakfast makes a big difference for your health. By including a fresh fruit medley and some vegetables in your omelet, you can near the minimum number of five daily fruit and vegetable servings recommended for lower cancer risk.
Many establishments are already aware of this and are putting more focus on the breakfast experience for their guests. Take Hilton Garden Inn, for example. Watch this short video to see how they are using this important meal time to strengthen guest loyalty and improve profitability: Watch Video
However, in addition to what you eat, it matters how you eat it. This is up to you, and only you.
By Hoffmaster Host on 3/6/2013 12:26 PM

By now almost everyone has seen or heard of a QR code.  Why do marketers and consumers love them so much?  The answer is- for many reasons, but most of all, because they are fun!

From the marketers’ perspective:

QR codes create engagement and interactivity with the customer.
Marketers can easily incorporate QR codes to complement traditional marketing efforts.

QR codes also open the door to nonconventional and attention getting campaigns.

For the holidays, specifically, marketers can use QR codes to get consumers to sign up for their exclusive offers.

The codes are simple to create, and can link people to product demos, videos, the brand’s Facebook or Twitter page, and some are linking directly to mobile commerce sites.

From the consumers’ perspective:
It’s a simple way to take advantage of offers and promotions without having to give out personal information.

QR codes are convenient for the “on-the-go” consumer who does not have time to waste.
With a QR code on a gift card, consumers can easily check their balance, find the nearest location or view or listen to a message from the gift giver.
Everyone likes to keep entertained while they are waiting, whether it be at a doctor’s office scanning a code on a magazine, or a restaurant scanning a napkin!
Let’s face it!  Consumers love their mobile devices and all of the ways they can use them.  QR codes are no exception.

To the right is example of a creative and fun way to use a QR code on a custom print napkin by Hoffmaster®.  Not only was this promotion successful in engaging the establishment's customers, but the napkins more than paid for themselves by boosting profits and sales!

Read more to see some creative and outrageous use of QR codes, like the 3 ton QR code cake that took 25 bakers and 10 hours to complete!
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