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Natural Eating: Growing Food Industry Trend

Mar 3

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3/3/2017 9:09 AM  RssIcon

Natural Eating: A Growing Food Industry Trend

Natural Eating—it’s all the rage, and if you’re looking to stay on top of Food Industry Trends, you may want to incorporate clean eating options in your menu.

More and more, people are looking to improve their health through better eating. They are looking for Clean Eating at Restaurants, as well as at home. From functional foods, to foods that are gluten-free, to those made with natural, ancient grains, restaurant patrons are demanding more from their favorite eateries.

Explore these and other Latest Food Trends in Natural Eating so you’re prepared to provide your customers with the foods they want.

Latest Food Trends in Natural Eating

·       Gluten-Free: The gluten-free trend is still going strong. In fact, this market is predicted to grow almost 20 percent between now and 2019. Consider offering a variety of tasty, gluten-free breads, cookies and cakes to stay on top of this growing Food Industry Trend. Call attention to the offerings with Hoffmaster new gluten free food flag.

·       Pulses: Pulses are among the Food Industry Trends you’ll want to pay attention to because 2016 has been declared “The International Year of the Pulse.” Pulses—split peas, dried beans, chickpeas and lentils—are seeds of dry crops. These seeds not only make tasty soups and spreads (hello, hummus!), they can be ground into high-fiber, high-protein flour for tasty, healthy breads and bakery items. This alternative to your run-of-the-mill flour is gluten-free, too (see the Food Industry Trend above).

·       Functional Foods: Interest is growing in health-enhancing foods, also known as functional foods. Consumer attraction to ingredients known to improve anything from energy and mood to skin and even libido is on the rise. In fact, Google® searches starting with the phrase, “best foods for” have grown tenfold in the last decade. If you want to be part of this Latest Food Trend, include these and other functional ingredients in your fare: turmeric, ginger, fennel, kale, avocado oil and kefir.
      ·    Healthful beverages: More and more consumers are aiming to eliminate sugary beverages from their diets. Many eateries are meeting this demand with expanded beverage offerings including teas, sparkling water, fresh juices and smoothies. Meet two demands in one by infusing your beverages with functional ingredients—think ginger teas and sparkling waters or smoothies with kale.

·     Organic and Others: Whether termed natural or organic (or the latest in environmentally friendly farming methods—biodynamic) consumers are looking for foods grown as naturally as possible. Those looking to eat naturally may appreciate foods that are locally sourced, grown without the use of pesticides and farmed using responsible, sustainable methods.
Now that you’re up on the latest Food Industry Trends, you may want to think of compatible accompaniments. Our full line of Linen-Like® NaturalTM CaterWrap®, made from renewable resources, is the perfect complement to your natural fare. Complete your au natural look with the Kraft Natural Placemat and Earth Wise® Recycled beverage napkins, made from 100 percent recycled paper product.

These Recycled Products are the Perfect Accompaniment to your Natural Fare:

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