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Custom Product FAQs

  • What is the lead-time for a sketch?
  • Your completed sketch will be mailed to you within 5 business days of sketch request receipt.
  • What is the lead-time for an order?
  • Initial Design: 5 weeks for napkin, placemat/traymat, napkin band order and 6 weeks for initial coaster orders. Repeat Design: 4 weeks for napkin, placemat/traymat, napkin band order and 5 weeks for repeat coaster orders.
  • Can my order be “rushed” or expedited?
  • Hoffmaster will make every attempt to accommodate your rush request, however, production scheduling and machine capacity may come into play. Contact your Hoffmaster Representative or your Hoffmaster Customer Service Representative to facilitate this request.
  • When does Hoffmaster start processing an initial custom print order?
  • When the approved sketch and valid purchase order are received.
  • Can artwork be submitted electronically?
  • Yes! Send all electronic artwork to: mailto:art@hoffmaster.com . Please be sure to also send an electronic sketch request form with your artwork. (See our ‘ARTWORK’ section of Hoffmaster.com for additional details on submitting artwork electronically.)
  • Can Hoffmaster custom print a specific item?
  • Rule of thumb is, if we offer it as a stock item, we can custom print on it. Contact your Hoffmaster Representative for further clarification.
  • What napkin embossings does Hoffmaster offer?
  • Coin embossing is available for one and two ply napkins, Oak Leaf embossing is available for two ply napkins, and Greek Key embossing is available for three and four ply napkins.
  • Can Hoffmaster print into the embossing area of a napkin?
  • No.
  • Can Hoffmaster print on the inside panels of a napkin?
  • This depends on the napkin. Beverage napkins can be printed on both inside panels, however, dinner napkins generally are limited to the outer front and back panels. Contact your Hoffmaster Representative for further clarification.
  • Can Hoffmaster collate different custom print designs within the same case?
  • Yes. The type of item being printed and the complexity of the design will determine just how many designs can be collated in a given case.
  • Can Hoffmaster custom emboss a napkin?
  • Yes.
  • How do I get started with my Custom Print order?
  • Contact your local Hoffmaster Representative. Utilize our Salesperson Locator to find out whom this would be and how to contact them.



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