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Earth Wise Tree Free®

Beyond Green!

As the buying public becomes more environmentally conscious, their demand for affordable green products is increasing. That’s why Hoffmaster
® has incorporated the voice of the customer into our industry-leading and 100% compostable Earth WiseTree Free® product line – uniquely made entirely from quickly renewable and highly sustainable natural resources.  We’re going beyond green!
Tree Free Tableware
Tree Free Containers
Tree Free Cutlery

If these products are "Tree Free" then what are they made of?

Good question! Hoffmaster spent a lot of time researching the highest quality, most sustainable, and fastest renewing natural resources in order to offer you a full product offering the truly goes beyond green.

  • Our bowls and plates come from bagasse, a byproduct of refining sugar cane, and grows back within 12 months, making it a truly renewable resource.
  • Our PLA lids are also tree free, being a 100% compostable material made from corn. 
  • And our cutlery is made from CPLA, another corn based material with a high heat tolerance.


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