Valentine’s Day and lace doilies seem to go hand in hand. Reminisce of a time past when Valentine’s Day cards were handmade and often were adorned with lace cutouts. Host a contest for the most creative doily creation at your facility! Below is just a sampling of how creative the Hoffmaster® staff was in February 2012!

Lace two doilies together, add your special message to the outside and a sweet
treat to the inside and share with those dear to you.
Doilies can be used all year round too! Small doilies can be glued to votive candles to cast a patterned glow around the room. Create a beautiful one of a kind invitation to a wedding or other special event by simply wrapping the invite with a doily and then tie together with a ribbon. Wrap cutlery in a doily and tie with twine for a unique place setting. Cover the tops of mason jars with a ribbon tied doily, and fill with homemade jams, jellies or salad dressings to present as party favors or a memorable gift.
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Doilies are also the perfect addition to freshen up your bakery counter, place under a dessert plate or coffee cup. Adding a touch of lace can increase the perceived value and increase your ROI! Our new Colored Lace Doily Medley features four bright colors, or try Gold Foil Doilies to add subtle elegance to your bakery creations. As you can see, these aren’t your Grandma’s doilies anymore! Let doilies shine at your next event!


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