Parties are great and I love to entertain and have people over to my house. I have been known to host parties for a handful of friends or family as well as large events with anywhere from 30 to 100 people at one time.  When you have that many people in your home a hand towel in the bathroom just won’t cut it.  The bathroom is the last room you want to plan for when planning a large gathering, right?

I tried putting out multiple hand towels and have tried hanging decorative guest towels on the towel racks for guests to use.  They either don’t feel comfortable using the “good” towels or they end up on the counter or worse yet on the floor.  That certainly isn’t the way you want your guest to see your bathroom and it sure isn’t a very sanitary way to encourage guests to wash and dry their hands.  I kept forgetting to go put out new towels as the party went on because I had way too many other things to tend to making sure my guests were well taken care of.

As I was picking up napkins for my next party, the solution was right there before my eyes.  When I discovered guest towels, I found the perfect solution to my dilemma.  No longer do guests feel like they shouldn’t use the “good” towels.No longer are they worried about the hand towel that everyone else has used.  No longer are they worried about where to put the used towels.  The perfect sanitary solution is disposable guest towels.

Now every guest has a fresh towel to dry their hands on and I don’t have to worry about changing out the guest towels in my bathrooms.  People appreciate the sanitary option and have started using them as they entertain also.  Cloth towels can carry lots of germs and no one wants to think about that.  Try guest towels and your guest will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.