Spruce up for the Holidays with these Creative Restaurant Ideas 

The holidays are fast approaching. Restaurant owners looking to spice things up may consider dressing up their establishments for the season.

Adding décor to celebrate fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and complementing the time of year with seasonal specials, can be a great way to draw a crowd. Check out these and other creative restaurant ideas to make the most of the holidays.

Creative Restaurant Ideas to Drum Up Business

  • Host parties and events: With fall and winter come the opportunity to host themed events. Think sports playoffs, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add an element of fun with playoff brackets, beer tastings or costume parties.
  • Decorate inside and out: Seasonal outdoor and window décor like pumpkins, scarecrows and Christmas lights can help get you noticed and draw a crowd. Be sure once your patrons are inside, the festive theme follows through. Incorporate wreaths, seasonal centerpieces, and a Christmas tree as well as holiday themed placematsnapkins and table covers.
  • Add seasonal specials: Have you cashed in on the pumpkin spice craze? Seasonal fare is a great way to draw in a crowd. Add a little spice or joy to your desserts and coffees. Perhaps a pumpkin spice cake or a peppermint mocha after-dinner drink.
  • Incorporate a seasonal catering menu: With the holidays come lots of catered parties and events—from family gatherings to corporate Christmas parties. Create a special, seasonal catering menu and distribute to customers and area businesses. Complement your catered fare with holiday CaterWrap®mini cutlery or Party in a BoxTM.
  • Host a drive: As the holiday seasons ramps up, so too does seasonal giving. Host a food drive, coat drive or toy drive to bring in business while at the same time doing good for the community you serve. Consider offering a free drink, appetizer or discounted meal for those that bring in donations.

Creative Restaurant Ideas  Show Your Customers The Love 

The holidays are a great time to show customers and potential customers you’re the festive place to be. Draw in a crowd with seasonal décor, fare and fun! And happy holidays!

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