Easy & Economical Alternative to Your Restaurant's Reusable Menu


Touchless Menus: QR Code Napkin Menus are Clean, Simple, and Affordable

Like many foodservice operations, navigating the new requirements for reopening may feel overwhelming. As consumers begin to understand common items that may be deemed unsanitary, the industry is determining ways to reopen safely and affordably.

Research shows that the most unclean item on a restaurant's menu is the menu itself, with one study proving an average of 185,000 bacteria on menus in on test of restaurants in three states.

States like Texas have already banned reusable menus. And, with limited or changing menu offerings upon reopening, ordering large quantities of disposable menus might not make sense.

The solution? Even after you reopen, patrons will always expect a napkin when they sit down at your establishment. Use this real estate to brand your napkin and offer a touchless digital menu offering via a QR code.


Why operators love this concept:

Digital Napkins

  • DIY! Customize yourself, on your own computer
  • Easy! Generate in minutes
  • Simple! 1 case minimum (3,000 napkins) and 5 day turnaround after order placement
  • Cost effective! Dual purpose menu & napkin
  • Eco-friendly! 100% recycled napkins

Why consumers love this concept:

  • No need to touch anything but your phone to view the menu
  • Easily change your phone's brightness in dark areas
  • Simply zoom in to better see menu offerings



Ready to Get Started? Follow our 4 SIMPLE Steps:

  1. Create the QR Code of your online menu (Need help? Click here to learn how—it's easy!)
  2. Navigate to https://bit.ly/custom-menu-napkins Scroll down to click the teal-colored "Customize" button
  3. Get creative! Use the "Graphics" and "Text" tab to add your logo, QR code and/or instructions for viewing a
    QR code from your phone. The possibilities are endless! See our examples above.
  4. Review your design, submit, and process your order!

 Digital Napkin


Reopoen with Confidence!

There's so much to consider as you reopen your operation. The team at Hoffmaster is committed to helping you reopen your doors safely—and, in a way that best represents your brand.

Learn about the four other questions operators are asking and suggested solutions in our infographic. Here, you can request samples to test, ask questions, or download our infographic for more on dine-in and takeout ideas.

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 Resetting the Table