How to Use Baking Cups for Every Occasion

The increasing popularity of cupcakes is no secret. Whether stacked elegantly to resemble a wedding cake, displayed in a glass case with a variety of flavors and fillings, or served to guests as small desserts, cupcakes are continuing to make their appearance everywhere.

Along with the growing demand for these decadent treats comes an increase in the options for bakeware accessories. For example, baking cups are an amazing aid in the creation, clean-up and personalization of your cupcakes. To make the most out of these fun disposable accessories, check out our tips on how to use baking cups.

Tulip and Lotus Cups

Dot Tulip Cup Medley Brown Lotus Cup

Tulip and lotus cups are a unique way to add flair to your baked goods.

These stylish baking cups are made of greaseproof paper that come in eight solid colors and three prints. Use these festive baking cups with muffin tins in conventional ovens up to 425 degrees. Find tulip cups in a variety of sizes, from mini to large, or even a medley of assorted colors to fit any occasion. The fun shape of these tulip and lotus cups make them the perfect fit for bridal showers, fundraisers and bakery displays.

Fluted Baking Cups

Fluted cups are a staple in any bakery operation.

White Fluted Bake Cup Gold Fluted Bake Cup

Fluted baking cups are a simple, convenient way to create classic, single-serving cupcakes. These fluted baking cups can be purchased in either paper or foil, to fit your desired effect. Available in a multitude of sizes, these fluted cups are perfect for all baking needs.

White fluted cups are classic and understated, complimenting any décor, theme or season. They provide an easy and quick way to portion smaller cupcakes and baked goods.

Fluted foil bake cups are lined with paper adding a special touch to your presentation. These foil cups go beyond basics and make glamorous cupcakes for any special event or party.

Finding the Right Fit in Fluted Cups

Selecting the perfect baking cup size is just as important as finding the right pattern and material. In order to find the ideal fluted baking cup size for your treats, Hoffmaster provides measurements for overall diameter, base diameter and wall height.

How to Measure a Bake Cup

To compare these measurements against your current baking cup inventory, flatten a fluted bake cup on a hard surface. Measure the round center for the base and the height of the bake cup for the wall height. To find the overall diameter, multiply the wall height by two and add to the measurement of the base diameter. Watch our video to learn more.

Hoffmaster offers a large assortment of baking cup sizes, colors and patterns. With our extensive line of baking cups, you’re sure to find the right one for you.