Linen vs. Disposable: Why Make the Switch to Linen-Like® Napkins and Tablecovers or Bello Lino® Napkins

It’s a reoccurring scene every time you use linen napkins and tablecloths: at the end of the event, you strip linens from tables, stuffing them into bags or stacking them into open containers, where they mix with bar towels soaked with alcohol and cleaning chemicals. These food-laden linens may get stacked in a corner or, better yet, set outside, attracting insects that could cross-contaminate any clean linens (or food) that may be in the vicinity.

At your next event, you try not to remember where you last saw these linens as you prep tables. Press repeat.

Just thinking of this scene, you’re reminded of how undesirable and costly real linen can be. And, if you’re wondering whether there is a better way, there is! Hoffmaster’s Linen-Like® napkins and tablecovers retain all the class and functionality of fabric without the added costs and labor. And, our Bello lino® line of napkins provides the best quality and softest hand feel of all disposable napkins.

The living green with linen myth

It’s easy to assume that using the same linens event after event is the more sustainable option. We understand why many would believe that! But, research shows that using disposable napkins and tablecloths, especially in large volume like in restaurants or for catering events, is actually more environmentally friendly. The research considered:

  • The growth of raw materials
  • The manufacturing of each type of napkin
  • The water used to wash linen napkins time after time

In fact, we’ve found that it takes 3.1 gallons of water to launder every pound of linen. With the average restaurant serving 150 tables per night and using two pounds of linen per table, that’s 930 gallons of water used every day. Multiply that by 365 days to see that it takes nearly 340,000 gallons of water to launder the linens of just one restaurant for a year.

Our Linen-Like napkins and tablecovers and our Bello lino bamboo napkins are great sustainable options for your next event. See why:

Comparison of Luxury Disposable Napkins

Luxury and convenience, with no sacrifices

By making the switch to Linen-Like napkins and tablecovers or Bello lino napkins, you will be maintaining the high-quality image that your customers have come to know while reducing the impact on the environment. Plus, you’ll have more options to choose from!

Comparison of Bello lino and Linen Like

Consider our Bello lino and Linen-Like napkins today

If you’re looking for a better alternative with Linen-Like napkins and tablecovers or Bello lino napkins, check out our product lines today. From fine dining facilities to large-scale catering events, Hoffmaster provides you the highest quality products for a dining experience to match. Forget about the long nights cleaning up after guests, expensive laundering fees and wasted resources. Hoffmaster’s products are sure to provide all the luxury you would expect with so much more.

See our complete line of Linen-Like products and Bello lino napkins.