Could Food Delivery Business UberEATSSM bring something new to the table?

Online transportation company UberSM is doing more than taxiing people to and fro. It has contracted with several big city restaurants to provide food delivery through its UberEATSSM app. Patrons simply download the app, type in their address and choose from their favorite menu items at participating restaurants. The meal is prepared fresh, special orders and all, and delivered straight to their door.

The UberEatsSM  app promises easy, great food 

Currently available in select cities, UberEATS promises to make “getting great food from hundreds of restaurants as easy as requesting a ride.” Several restaurants are experiencing great success with their UberEATS partnership, citing it can help expand or even pilot delivery. “Before UberEATS … we didn’t do delivery,” statedEric Greenspan, Los Angeles executive chef for Maré Restaurants. And Steven Chong of Chicago’s Halal Guys states, “With just UberEATS, we’re probably doing about 100 deliveries a day.”

Besides expanding delivery service, UberEATS is helping restaurants grow their customer base. “People will see you, that have never heard about you, on the UberEATS platform,” said Marc Canter of Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles. “ … They might see something on the menu that grabs their eye and they try it, and if they like it, you now have a customer for life.”

Ensure a smoking hot food delivery business with these best practices
If your restaurant is considering delivery through UberEATS or a similar partnership, follow these best practices:

  • Separate hot food from cold food: Avoid wilted lettuce and lukewarm soup by keeping hot and cold foods separate. Our Earth Wise Tree Free® clamshells come in a variety of shapes and sizes to separately house all your culinary fare.
  • Put sauce on the side: Prevent a soggy mess by placing salad dressings, dipping sauces and other liquidy goodness on the side or in separate containers. Our Earth Wise Tree Free® compartment clamshells and catering boxes help keep food divided and in optimal form.
  • Provide presentation-perfect deliveries: Don’t slack when it comes to presentation. If it’s a usual part of your modus operandi, your customers will expect it with their carryout, too. Customize your carryout bags and containers and provide that in-restaurant feel to your carried-out cuisine with Linen-Like® CaterWrap® cutlery. This heavyweight, metallic cutlery mimics the look and feel of real silverware.
Bring something new to the table with the UberEATS app or another food delivery business. Your customers are sure to hunger for more when it can be delivered right to their door!
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