In the early nineteenth century, Dolly Madison, the wife of the fourth American President, organized an egg roll in Washington, D.C.

She had been told that Egyptian children used to roll eggs against the pyramids so she invited the children of Washington to roll hard-boiled eggs down the hilly lawn of the new Capitol building! The custom continued, except for the years during the Civil War.

In 1880 the annual Egg Roll was moved to the White House lawn by First Lady, Lucy Hayes, because officials had complained that the Capitol lawn was being ruined by the affair. It has been held there ever since then, only cancelled during times of war. The event has grown, and today Easter Monday is the only day of the year when tourists are allowed to wander over the White House lawn. The wife of the President sponsors it for the children of the entire country. The egg rolling event is open to children twelve years old and under. Adults are allowed ONLY when accompanied by children!

Did you know that during the week of Easter about 30 million more eggs are sold compared to any other week of the year?

Easter can mean a lot of different things to different people – church, Easter egg hunts, Easter bunnies, brunch, jelly beans…you get the idea.

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