How to Select the Right Napkin

Choosing the Best Napkin Type and Size for Your Use

Selecting the right napkin for your business or event may seem like a small detail, but napkins are a reflection of your brand and an integral part to the customer experience, so you should not overlooked them. Moreover, with so many napkin types and sizes available, you may be wondering which ones to purchase or how best to use them to meet your customers’ needs. To help, we have pulled together an overview that describes which napkins are best suited by size, use and occasion.

Napkin Considerations

Before Selecting a Napkin, There are Several Items to Consider:

·       Is the function or atmosphere informal or formal? What is the experience you want for your customer? Should the napkin be strictly functional or an added element to enhance the table setting?

·      What will your guests be eating and wearing? Will they require a more substantial napkin to capture sauces or will the napkin merely be to blot lips?

·        How will customers interact with the napkin when not in use? Will it need to be held at all times, such as at a cocktail party, or will the napkin rest on customers’ laps? Does it need to fold nicely when not in use or, when it has served its purpose, can it easily be discarded?

Napkins for all occasions

With the answers to these questions in hand, selecting a napkin becomes far simpler. Use the following information to choose the best napkin for your use.

Tissue Napkins

Whether used at dinner or for beverages, provide a variety of color options in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-ply. This flexible and absorbent option replaces the typical economy napkin, offering greater serving use, including:

·         Outdoor Events

·         Diners, Eateries and Food Trucks

·         Cocktail Parties and Appetizer Display

·         Casual Bars and Restaurants

·         Long-term Care Facilities 
A Step Up from Tissue Napkins is FashnPoint®
Available in eight colors and printed patterns, the soft, fluffy feel is available in flat or folded varieties. A FashnPoint® napkin will last an entire meal and is an excellent, affordable choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Beverage napkins and guest towels are also part of the collection and provide a slightly more upscale feel than the standard tissue variety. Use FashnPoint® napkins for any casual to semi-formal engagement or environment, including:

·         Outdoor Events

·         Sit-down Bars and Restaurants

·         Semi-formal Events, Including Dinner Parties or Fundraisers

·         Restrooms or Guest Room Conveniences

·         Business Luncheons
Linen-Like® Napkins are Soft and Absorbent
They are uniform in size and color and not prone to fading. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and folds, but most important is their luxurious texture. Called Linen-Like for its similar look and feel to actual linen, this napkin is best used for semi-formal to formal occasions when you want to make an impression. Consider Linen-Like napkins for:

·         High-end Events

·         Fine Dining

·         Meals or Food Requiring a Highly Absorbent Material

·         Country Clubs

·         Resorts
The Most Luxurious and Truest-to-Linen Available is Bello lino®
Lint free and non-fraying, Bello lino® napkins are available in seven colors. But, it’s the ultra-soft feel, similar to cloth napkins, that make this sought after by those who appreciate quality. Best used in formal settings or for special occasions, these napkins can be found at:

·         Fine Dining Establishments

·         Weddings

·         High-end Catered Events

·         Room Service in Upscale Hotels

·         Resort Dining
Hoffmaster® offers a wide array of options to fit any need, including more sizes and options than noted in the products above. From formal to informal or daily dining to special events, Hoffmaster’s napkins are an excellent addition to your brand and customer experience. Download this PDF for more detailed information on our brand selections. Our Product Catalogs and Brochures