December is almost over, and here we are again, excited to welcome in the New Year! 

There can be a lot of pressure and hype around what to do on New Year’s Eve. Restaurants and bars get more creative every year in an attempt to draw in a crowd. Many will host New Year’s Eve parties with special offers: discounted menu items, happy hours all night long, and live music just to name a few. 

Is your operation in need of some last minute ideas for this occasion? Check out this year’s festive items by Hoffmaster:
Everyone wants to create a memorable night and alcohol often plays a big part in the activities, as it does throughout the entire holiday season. Fortunately, there are many organizations that offer free transportation this time of year to ensure a safe night for all. Customers will be more apt to take advantage of this service if the information is visible to them at the time of need. Custom printed beverage napkins from Hoffmaster are a perfect way to let your patrons know that their safety matters to you.  It’s more than just a’s a message.  
If you are not aware of any services like this in your area, just use #TAXI (#8294) to get connected to your local taxi service. The service works across all of North America.
Now is also the perfect time to evaluate your bar or restaurant’s goals. Making new resolutions and setting goals will give you something to strive for and will help measure your progress. If you become proactive now, you can stay ahead of the curve and fix problem areas before it is too late.
Follow this goal setting guide for a successful 2014: 
  1. Determine your goals: Where would you like to be next year? Do you want to have better customer service? Do you want higher profits? Would you like to update your interior, exterior and/or furniture? 
    Evaluate the current state of your bar or restaurant.
    What are your weaknesses?
    Were there common customer complaints?
    Check online reviews to see if any similarities pop up.
    Think about any problems you’ve had with any aspect of your bar or restaurant.
    Don’t forget to think about your strengths:  What are you doing right, and is there any way to do it even better?
  2. Goal setting shouldn’t be something you do alone. Involve your staff members in the process and gather their input.
  3. Review paperwork and financial records from 2013.
    Were there problem areas?
    Where would you like to improve?
  4. Follow this SMART guideline to goal setting to set yourself up for success:
    Specific - Be specific. A goal like “Make more money,” is much too vague.
    Measurable – Make sure you are able to track the progress.
    Attainable - Be sure your goals are realistic.
    Relevant - They should fit with your bar or restaurant’s brand.
    Time Based – Create a clear-cut time period.
To stay competitive in the industry, constantly changing and improving your business is a must. Goals will help you get to where you want to go over the next year. If you set goals and work towards them, you’ll end up with a successful business in 2014!
Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!


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