9 Ways to Make Outdoor Event Catering Successful

Summer. It is that time of year when people in colder climates maximize their time outdoors, basking in the sunlight and fresh air. It is also the time of year when Outdoor Event Cateringspikes, thanks to weddings, corporate picnics, class reunions and more.

While, at the core, these catered events don’t differ greatly from their indoor counterparts, there are a few things to keep in mind and more items you may need to add to your catering checklist for an outdoor event. Let’s take a look at some best practices and how Hoffmaster® can help your outdoor events go off without a hitch.

Outdoor event catering tips

Weather provides the biggest concern for every outdoor event. Rain, wind and heat can wreak havoc on every detail of the event. While rain will likely send you under cover, wind and heat won’t slow or stop an event.

If you’re concerned about heat or sun, you will need to add a couple of items to your Outdoor Catering Checklist:

  • Make sure you add extra ice or a cooling device, such as an insulated container to keep salads, fruit and vegetables cold.
  • You may also need to bring jugs of water with you for various uses, including cleanup. Even when water is available at a nearby facility, it will take valuable time to fill containers and transport it to the catering location.
  • Finally, consider the location of the sun in relation to your food setup. If you are setting up food stations or buffets, attempt to keep them out of direct sunlight, if possible, to deter food spoilage.
On windy days, you will need every trick necessary to keep dining accessories from getting carried away. We have items that can help keep everything in place:
  • For casual events, consider our Kwik-Cover® tablecover. The cover wraps around table corners for a secure fit. And, with its gingham design, guests are sure to get the nostalgic feeling of being on a picnic.
  • For more upscale events, couple a table cover held in place with a table skirt for a truly elegant feel.
  • Having a stack of napkins just won’t do, so try our CaterWrap® cutlery sets that come with a knife, fork and spoon wrapped in a napkin and secured with a napkin band. They come in a variety of colors, including natural. Our cutlery pouches are a great option, too!

 If you suspect flying insects will crash the event, here are a few things you can do to keep them at bay:

  • Make centerpieces that guests will love and bugs will hate. Basil and other plants that naturally repel mosquitos and other flying insects bring natural beauty to any table. Add mood lighting with citronella candles.
  • Consider using drinkware with lids and pair it with our Simply Baked® drinking straw.
  • Monitor food stations and buffets closely to keep chafing lids closed and foods covered.

Finally, when you serve picnic fare like fried chicken and potato salad, your guests will appreciate our heavyweight platters that have been tested to stand up to a plateful of food, even as guests mix and mingle while standing. Watch our video to see the difference! And, you’ll love that they come in varying shapes and sizes.

As you gear up for several months of outdoor events, add these tips and products to your Outdoor Event Catering checklist. We wish you a sun-filled season!
Products to help make your outdoor event catering a success

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