Whether you intend to or not, the way you set your table actually sends a message to your guests.

Providing quality products, throughout their visit, lets guests know that you care and wish their experience to be a pleasurable one. Custom Print takes it to the next level by allowing you to send a specific message with a variety of products.

For example - Which of these of these settings, do you think, would help customers remember where they had that great time with friends? 
  Yes! It is a simple and effective way to reinforce name and brand recognition...
But that is not all!
Here are more examples of what Hoffmaster® Custom Print can do for your business:
Increase name and brand recognition for your restaurant
  Reward patrons with printed coupons
Introduce additional services like catering, takeout, or delivery
Promote a special event or happy hour days, times, and specials
Provide entertainment such as trivia, company history and fun facts
Keep children busy with coloring and puzzles
Print QR codes that link to your website or special deals 
These examples will gain more recognition for your business, and will cost much less than traditional advertising. The options and benefits of custom print are endless. Hoffmaster offers a variety of products, for many food service industries, including: restaurants, bars, hotels, country clubs, healthcare, and more!
Our full service staff of designers and artists will even help you create a coordinating ensemble that may consist of any of the following:
Beverage napkins
Dinner napkins
Napkin bands
Deli tissue/Sandwich wraps
Coloring books
Paper plates
Guest towels
With over sixty-five years of experience and satisfied customers, it is no wonder that distributors across the nation choose Hoffmaster for their customers’ needs. To get started on your custom print design, please contact your local distributor or email us at marketing@hoffmaster.com.

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