Have you ever run out of ideas for updating your look for the everyday or the holidays and end up doing the same old thing? Well, you’re not alone! Today there are so many different napkin styles and textures to choose from you can create any number of dramatic or fun shapes and styles. The possibilities are endless!  

Place Card NapkinWhether the napkin is made of linen, airlaid or tissue, all you need is a square napkin and a few minutes of your time. Napkin folding is easier than you might think and is similar to origami. For the beginner, start with the easier folds and then work your way up to the harder, more intricate folds, which may take a little more time. Keep in mind that youdon’t need to stop the creativity there. Here are a few ideas to further extend your decorating theme:

Napkins can be used to identify the seating arrangements for your guests when you use the napkin with a place card. Simply create a Tootsie Roll fold shown at right to hold the place card or use a standard or shaped hole puncher to punch a hole in each corner of the card, string a colorful ribbon through the holes and tie around each napkin.
Embellished NapkinAdding a touch of color to the tabletop sets the stage for the occasion and is an inexpensive way to get a new look. Try tying something decorative on or around the napkin and place it on the plate or on top of or next to the napkin. A colorful ribbon with a bead, jewel, feather, piece of candy, or a flower or a printed napkin band adds impact. Below is a romantic and delicious accent from Delish.com.
Draped Napkin
Displaying a napkin in a non-traditional location such as hanging from under the plate, over the side of the table or in a crystal glass creates dimension and enhances the dining experience with color.
Quickset® or pocket fold dinner napkin keeps utensils clean and organized in the front “pocket” or you can add a special note, place card or flowers to further extend your decorating theme or colors.

Quickset Napkins

Othello Black Dunilin Dinner NapkinRemember that some folds may require stiffer fabric or may require some ironing to createor hold the most intricate napkin folds.  When you use Dunilin® textured napkins from Hoffmaster®, you don’t have to worry about the ironing because these napkins have the look and feel of real linen and holds the most intricate napkin folds to make your table look amazing. 

There are several websites that have numerous napkin folds demonstrated through video, pdf and diagrams or you create your own from origami books and websites such as origami napkin folding.