"The All American Treat" 

During one of the worst recessions in U.S. history, a little sugary confection known as the cupcake, has proven to be an unexpected opportunity for many entrepreneurs. This cute economic sweet that offers cake, frosting and sometimes filling all at the same time, has become America’s new favorite treat.

It is no surprise that everyone has jumped on the cupcake bandwagon when you consider the added press and attention they have received from TV shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars.

Today, you can find specialty cupcakes just about everywhere you look.  Recently, we’ve discovered that  some hotels have even replaced the traditional mint on your pillow with, you guessed it - the cupcake!

While others doubt the trend will last, one fan of the Washington, D.C. cupcake group on Facebook told The Post: "For me, it's a personal-size treat. You don't have to share it with anybody. It's a guilt-free, happy treat that takes you back to your childhood."  He must not be alone, because according to idealbite.com  770,000,000 cupcakes were consumed in the US in 2012.

As we all know, with popularity comes competition.  So how are successful cup cake eateries - or "cupcakeries" setting their cupcakes apart from the rest of the stores and keeping this profitable trend alive?
Here are a few ideas we have found:
Inventive recipes with flavors that customers just can't resist trying.   It’s time to spice up those secret family recipes.  Check out just a few new concoctions we found at a local bakery, The Cake Guru:
Chocolate Cherry Amaretto
Key Lime & Coconut
Raspberry Lemonade
Caramel Cashew Cream Cheese
Kiddie Cocktail
Root Beer Float

Elevate  presentation with decorative wrappers and unique toppings.  You may have the best tasting cupcakes in town, but consumers have to buy it to try it.  Make them eye catching and irresistible so they don’t get overlooked.
Special occasions and themes are a great solution for consumers looking for that perfect treat.  Holidays, Baby Showers, Picnics, Classroom Parties, Sports and more!  The possibilities are endless.

Offer a variety of sizes that appeal to each individual’s appetite and needs.  From a mini cupcake for the dieter who wants a little splurge without all the calories, to a giant personalized cupcake for that special someone’s birthday.
Provide alternatives for people wanting to eat healthier and lose weight. Many cupcake shops are offering alternatives to sugar-laden cupcakes. These include gluten-free, whole wheat, almond flour and sugar-free cupcakes.
Additional products – Expand your offering with complimentary and alternative options.  Get creative and develop new treats that your competition doesn’t offer.

Servicing anything from kids parties to workplace soirees and even weddings, cupcakes are a perennial treat that is enjoyed by many.  Let Hoffmaster® give your cupcakes and bakery the attention they deserve with our baking line:
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