According to studies, not only are paper towels preferred by people to dry their hands, it turns out that paper is a much more sanitary option than we realized. And wait until you hear what we learned about hand dryers...

So, what is it about hand dryers that turn people off? Here is what the surveys showed:

• They are noisy
• Drying time is too long
• Restroom capacity outnumbers available dryers
• Air dryers cause skin to become excessively dry, chapped, rough, and red
• Some individuals decide not to wash their hands just to avoid using blowers
• Hand dryers are costly to install
• There is an added cost of electricity to run dryers

If you are one of the few who still prefer hand dryers over paper towels, this new information may change your mind:  studies show that hand dryers increase bacteria by 255%.

While consumers, healthcare institutions and businesses are told that electric hand dryers are the most hygienic way to dry the hands after washing them, science says otherwise. A growing body of research, including a study by the University of Westminster and other studies as far back as 1989, suggest that people could be putting themselves at increased risk of illness by using these dryers.
Every time a toilet is flushed, a fine aerosol mist can be sprayed into the air that may contain many types of fecal bacteria that can cause disease.

Risks of bacterial dispersal that may contribute to cross infection. 
         • Paper Towels – None found
         • Hot Air Dryers – Bacteria found within a radius of 3-6 ft. of dryer and on subjects clothing
         • Jet Air Dryers – Found to disperse contamination to at least 2 meters from dryer.

In one study, bacteria were found inside the warm-air dryers, thanks to the warm moist environment.
         • Each dryer tested had high bacterial counts on the air inlet.
         • 97% of them had bacteria on the outlet nozzle surfaces as well.

Drying skin is essential to staving off bacteria as wet skin helps to spread bacteria.
         • On average, dryers take 50 seconds to dry 90% of your hands. This is more time than people are willing to spend. Most will give up and wipe their hands on their clothing.
         • Paper towels are more effective and efficient and do not dispense germs.

Paper towels physically remove bacteria.
         • The friction paper towels offer is actually an essential ingredient in removing germs.
         • They soak up the water and bacteria which ends up in the garbage bin.
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