Most everyone is familiar with the term “kosher”, but what exactly does it mean and how much does it matter to consumers?

The word “kosher” in Hebrew means “good”, “proper”, or “fit for ritual use”.  Being certified kosher gives customers the extra assurance of purity and quality. The majority of consumers who choose kosher do so for health and food safety reasons. Only about 8 percent of kosher consumers are actually members of the Jewish religion.

Kosher products are one of the most rapidly growing product categories with non-Jewish consumers purchasing over 80% of them.  In the past two decades, the demand for kosher food products in the United States and around the world has greatly impacted the food industry.

 According to Food Safety News, there are more than ten thousand kosher-producing companies in the United States alone. They produce more than 135,000 kosher products for over twelve million American consumers who purchase kosher food solely because it is kosher.
How do you know if a product meets the kosher standard?
Kosher-packaged products are labeled with a symbol that certifies the processing meets the standards of Jewish dietary laws. Contrary to popular misconception, rabbis or other religious officials do not "bless" food to make it kosher. Certification involves inspecting the ingredients, examining the preparation process and inspecting the processing facilities to ensure kosher standards are maintained. 

However, ensuring true kosher status doesn’t stop there.  There are strict rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. For example: dairy and meat should be prepared in separate pots, served on separate plates and eaten with separate cutlery, because kosher status can be transmitted from the food to the utensils and vice versa. In addition, non-food items that come in contact with the food, such as baking cups and doilies should share the same certification.
The levels of kosher certification do vary and while there are many out there, only the recognized and valued symbols carry weight with observant Jews. Hoffmaster® is proud to provide quality products with valued kosher assurance to their customers.
The following is a list of kosher products manufactured by Hoffmaster®.
• Dry Wax Cake Circles
• Parchment Cake Circles
• Parchment Cake Decorating Triangles
• Parchment Sheet Cake Liners
• Fluted Bake Cups  
• Fluted Burger Cup/Taco Holder/Bagel Blanket
• Fluted Hot Dog Trays
• Fluted Éclair Cases
• Fluted Oblong Loaf Liners
• Pastel Assorted Bake Cups: Pink, Blue and Green  
• Brooklace® Lace Doilies
• Cambridge® Lace Doilies
• French Lace Doilies
• Rose Linen Doilies
• White Normandy Lace Placemat
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